Haulover Slick Cam Photo Print

Haulover Slick Cam Photo Print


This breath-taking shot of the Pamlico Sound at The Haulover in Avon, NC is truly a sight to behold. Captured here is the natural phenomena locally referred to as “slick cam” or “slick calm”. The glassy, calm water of the sound seems to blend seamlessly with the sky above, creating a striking view of Hatteras Island. Choose between 12×18 or 18×24 inch prints, both with a vibrant luster finish.

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Slick Cam at The Haulover (Avon, NC)

Seeing the Pamlico Sound perfectly still and glassy is a rare sight that occurs randomly throughout the year. It’s thought that wind patterns as well as sea-life activity cause the event when the conditions are just right.

Only in The Outer Banks

Although this natural event is common with many bodies of water around the world, the term “slick cam” was born right here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The local slang refers to when the water in the sound is so calm and steady that it reflects the sky above onto the surface of the water. This results in a mirror image of the sky that matches perfectly at the horizon and creates a unique optical illusion.

This beautiful shot was captured at the Haulover Day Use Area in Avon, NC – commonly called “Canadian Hole” by visitors and locals alike. The south end of Hatteras Island is in view on the left side of image, giving perspective to the vanishing horizon.

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Mockup of photo print of slick cam over the Haulover in Avon, NC


These prints have a semi-gloss, luster finish that provides vibrant colors resulting in an eye-catching piece of art. All shots are printed on sturdy 10 mil paper, making them durable and more resistant to curls and tears. The smooth, luster finish also helps to resist fingerprints and smudges.

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