Our Services

Personal Services

We love to extend our services to individuals with any need, large or small. We’ll work directly with individuals to provide high quality photo and video for any event. Whether you’re looking for somebody to get awesome action shots of your favorite water sport, or you want a company to take an aerial family portrait on the beach, we can help.

We can even get creative with our shots. We’re worked with people in the past to get video of their car driving on the beach, and even custom aerial shots of the island or their vacation home. Whatever your needs, we can help.

Kiteboarding  •  Surfing  •  Parasailing  •  Windsurfing  •  SUP  •  Fishing  •  Kayaking  •  Beach Driving  •  Vacation Home Photos  •  Custom Island Memories

Small Business Services

Need new pictures of your store front to advertise your business? We can help you take high resolution photos and video that you can use on your website, business cards, or television advertisements. Whatever marketing needs you may have, we can help provide you with high resolution real world photos and videos to use.

Our small business services don’t stop there, however. We can take video and photo of your charter boat, outdoor establishment, property, and more. If you can dream it, we can shoot it.

Our aerial services may also come in handy for personal insurance issues. If you need to make a claim and need photos to send along, we can help you get to those hard to reach areas to assess damage.

Store Fronts  •  Charter Boats  •  Parks and Outdoor Property  •  TV Quality Video  •  Website Advertisement Shots  •  Roof Inspection  •  Structural Pier Inspection

Commercial Services

Commercial industries can benefit from the use of aerial photography and videography.

Completing tower inspections can avoid the necessity of sending a person up, and instead opt to film with a drone.

Construction site management can send a drone to fly over a job site to monitor progress and ensure safety standards.

Insurance companies can use drones to inspect damage to properties.

There are countless uses for drones in industries of all sizes. If you think you have an assignment which could be aided with the use of aerial photography, get in touch with us and we can help determine if we’re the right fit for your job.

Construction Site Fly Overs  •  Radio Tower Inspections  •  Insurance Inspections  •  Building Inspection  •  Real Estate Photo and Video  •  Hurricane and Property Damage Assessment