A12 Logo Sticker

A12 Logo Sticker


The A12 logo sticker is a die cut, diamond shaped sticker with our shortened A12 insignia printed on it. This sticker is printed in our full color A12 blue, with the lettering featured in white. These stickers are made from a high quality vinyl that holds up well to sun and weather, and are sticky enough to hold strongly on most surfaces.



A12 Sticker on Table

The A12 Logo Sticker

This sticker is printed on a high quality vinyl material that holds up well to weather. Also, the vinyl material allows for a bit of stretch, letting it conform to uneven surfaces with ease. This sticker features our A12 insignia, which is the shortened version of our full Altitude 12 logo. Our A12 insignia is designed to be reminiscent of the Highway 12 road sign, while also featuring our more modern brand colors.


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